IRL a love story, 2016


*This video contain mature subject matter*

A love story between a human and an AI, told by the AI.
I.R.L. a love story
Performed by Annika Steimle
Voice Over by VoiceOver OSX, Aurelie
Directed, filmed & Edited by Rihab Essayh
Music by Podington bear
I.R.L a love story is a piece to make the viewer experience a monologue from this fictive being, and make the viewer question the boundaries between what is real or not. Using a real filmed performance, and editied it into the digital space, the character is ambiguous, it exist in this simulated version of physicality, which is an analogue hologram system based on reflection. The woman is sharing us her experience of love. She is conflicted with her own existence, yet limited by her programming.
Inspired by Ex-Machina, Her, and the phenomenon Invisible Girlfriend.
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